About us
We are a nonprofit on a mission to promote and advance entrepreneurship in Switzerland.

In Switzerland the common definition of success is completing university and getting a well paid, stable corporate job. Starting your own venture or joining a startup is typically not encouraged and starting a venture that fails is viewed as a black mark on your resume. As the global economy changes and as technology alters the kind of jobs that are available to people, we believe that it’s critical that young Swiss people have a more open and adaptable view towards their careers. We think helping to instill a more entrepreneurial mindset into Swiss youth is critical to Switzerland’s ability to compete in the global economy.

Who is behind Swisspreneur?
Swisspreneur Team - Silvan Krähenbühl
Silvan Krähenbühl
Co-Founder and former CEO of Gymhopper (acquired by myClubs), former CEO of piplanning.io (acquired by Scaled Agile), Business degree from University of St. Gallen, Based in Zurich, Switzerland
Dominique Kunz
Dominique Kunz
Product Manager at Frontify. Degree in International Relations from University of St. Gallen. Based in Zurich, Switzerland.
Swisspreneur Team - Lars Stegmann
Lars Stegmann
Digital marketer and webflow designer. Business Information Technology degree from FHNW. Based in Berne, Switzerland.
Swisspreneur Team - Cecilia Sobral
Cecilia Sobral
Masters in Literary Theory from the University of Lisbon. Reader, writer, mediocre photographer. Based in Parede, Portugal.
Swisspreneur Team - Björn Fröhlich
Björn Fröhlich
Former professional handball player and startup enthusiast at Smallpdf, degree in Business Innovation of University of St. Gallen, based in Zurich, Switzerland.
Swisspreneur Team - Alain Chuard
Alain Chuard
Founder Wildfire (acquired by Google), Founder AccessTrips.com, Henry Crown Fellow at the Aspen Institute, Stanford MBA. Based in Palo Alto, California.
Swisspreneur Team - Christian Hirsig
Christian Hirsig
Founder and former CEO of Atizo, Initiator of TEDxBern, Technology Entrepreneur degree of University St. Gallen. Based in Berne, Switzerland.
Swisspreneur Team - Helena Hlas
Helena Hlas
PhD student at UniBern, studying meaningful life projects and identity. Community creator at RIDERAWR female cycling. Passionate about storytelling and empowering women. Based in Stans, Switzerland.
Swisspreneur Team - Pascal Sollberger
Pascal Sollberger
Digital Marketing Specialist, development background, get things done mentality, based in Berne, Switzerland.
Swisspreneur Team - Besfort Biljali
Besfort Biljali
Head of Sales and Business Development at libs, former professional handball player, MAS from university of Zurich, based in Zurich, Switzerland.
Ansuya Ahluwalia
Serial Entrepreneur. CTO & Partner at thirty3.ch. MSc in Computer Science, UCLA. Based in Zurich, Switzerland.
Swisspreneur Team - Hyeyoung Eléonore Sun
Hyeyoung Eléonore Sun
Scientist by studies, Entrepreneur by passion. Originally from Australia, inspired by Swisspreneur to move to Switzerland. From Fangirl to Team member (you can imagine her excitement).
Stefan Velikov
Founder of VIABZ (aqcuired by KINASTIC) and former CCO of KINASTIC. Sport enthusiast and commercial strategist.
Based in Zurich, Switzerland.
Andreas Bächtold
Self-employed Google Ads specialist with a background in web development. Degree in media economics and management. Based in Bern, Switzerland.
Merle Zur
Program Lead in Entrepreneurship & Diversity at Impact Hub Zurich. Co-Lead of the Female Founders Initiative and Creator of the Female Founders Podcast. Degree in Intercultural Communication from Utrecht University. Based in Zurich, Switzerland.
Samuel Marchant
COO at Lucky Punch. Generalist. Passionate about people & startups. Based in Zürich, Switzerland.
Nicola Flückiger
High-performance and startup enthusiast, podcaster, doer mindset, MGM student at the University of St. Gallen, based in St. Gallen, Switzerland.
Vladimir Krstic
Sound engineer with 30 years of experience. Passionate gamer since 1983 and life-long guitar player. Based in Belgrade, Serbia.
Fabian Morgenthaler
Masters in Political Science, auto-didactic full-time filmmaker and video editor since 2017. Music enthusiast. Based in Cascais, Portugal.
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How did Swisspreneur.org get started?

Alain Chuard was inspired to help grow the Swiss entrepreneurial ecosystem as a result of his time as a Henry Crown Fellow at The Aspen Institute which encourages fellows to launch initiatives that enact positive change in the world. In 2014, after speaking at the Swiss Economic Forum, Alain Chuard met Christian Hirsig and they started to kick around ideas for how to support Swiss entrepreneurs; the end result was Swisspreneur.org.

What is your strategy?

We craft conversations with Swiss founders, business leaders and innovators both in and outside of Switzerland to inspire the next generation of Swiss entrepreneurs. Each episode deconstructs and showcases one person’s personal and professional background. It provides advice and recommendations for existing and aspiring entrepreneurs in Switzerland.

Who finances Swisspreneur.org?

Operating costs for this nonprofit venture are covered by our founders, generous partners and donors. We use sponsorship money and donations in two ways: first, to help accelerate the rate of our productions and increase the reach of our content; second, to start new Swisspreneur initiatives that are aligned with our mission.

Who's your target audience?

Our target audience is aspiring and existing entrepreneurs in Switzerland. These can be university students, young professionals who are contemplating an entrepreneurial career, or existing entrepreneurs. We hope our content will be a catalyst for more young Swiss people to take the plunge into entrepreneurship.

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If you’re looking to reach the Swiss entrepreneurial community, our audience couldn’t be more relevant. We are fast becoming the preeminent hub for Swiss innovators. If you’d like to introduce your brand to our community, we have multiple options including our website swisspreneur.org and our social media properties on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Tiktok and YouTube.

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