Startup investments with the Swisspreneur Syndicate

Investments for Switzerland’s most promising entrepreneurs and startups

What is the Swisspreneur Syndicate?

The Swisspreneur Syndicate connects investors with exceptional startup founder talents from our community for investments.

Our latest startup investments

IDUN Technologies
Lucky Punch
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Why invest with Swisspreneur?

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Small ticket sizes
Invest as little as CHF 5’000 because we care about smart money, not big money.
Transparent fee structure
We only take a closing fee and a performance fee (15% carried interest) and no management fee. We are a not-for-profit association so any proceeds are directly re-invested into our free community resources.
Vetted deals
We’ve followed the founders in our community for a long time and can give you access to exceptional talent without you having to do the scouting yourself.

Why get investment from Swisspreneur?

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No fuss
We’re founders ourselves and we know what a time suck raising money can be. We want to make the process for closing your pre-seed round easy and fast for you. On average, our investments take 2-3 weeks to close.
Smart money
To get your idea off the ground, access to the right people is what counts. Through the syndicate, you can engage a larger group of experts without over expanding your cap table.
Follow up rounds
Through our larger network and our established social channels, we can give you exposure to create momentum for your follow up rounds.
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"I appreciate the simplicity of the Swisspreneur Syndicate, which has streamlined how I approach personal investments and allows me to support promising startups without hassle."

Lars Mangelsdorf,
Syndicate Investor

"Swisspreneur Syndicate - small leaps into grand startups. It's speed-dating for investors: put a little in, learn a lot, and double down when the vibe's right. Perfect for dipping your toes with what you can afford to splash."

Hermann Arnold,
Syndicate Investor

"I've always been passionate about supporting local talent, and the Swisspreneur Syndicate aligns perfectly with that mission. It's empowering to know that my investments contribute to the growth of Swiss startups. By backing these ventures, I'm not only investing in their success but also in the future prosperity of our country's entrepreneurial ecosystem."

Alan Frei,
Syndicate Investor
Startup Investment Portfolio
Health Yourself
IDUN Technologies
Lucky Punch
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