Free Masterclasses
for Swiss startups

Startups don't have the funds for expensive masterclasses, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't have access to precious know-how
which can make a difference in their
entrepreneurial path.

Our Masterclasses

Following the by-founders, for-founders mentality, Swisspreneur regularly churns out high-quality masterclasses hosted by experienced former guests to bring you the information you need all in one place. Whether it's fundraising, B2B sales, angel investing or finding the perfect co-founder, we've got your back.

„Fundraising is tough and takes a lot of time. This masterclass is highly valuable to increase efficiency and prevent mistakes: time very well spent.“

Edith Schmid

„Very solid and useful advice. Thank you, Sophie Lamparter and Pascal Koenig.“

Christian Nauer
(FS Partners)

"That's a great resource, thanks for sharing it! I'll pass it on to others I know."

Rupert Breheny

Angel Investing

Disposable income may be a word you've grown blissfully accustomed to. That's great! But have you ever thought about using some of it to help startups fund their journey? Veteran VCs Sophie and Thomas are here to show you how.

taught by Thomas Dübendorfer
and Sophie Lamparter

B2B Sales

Don't let Lars' friendly face fool you. This man is a lean, mean, selling machine. And whether you're a sales pro looking for the newest expert tip or a founder wanting to flex their sales muscle for the first time, the Yokoy CCO is your go-to guy.

taught by Lars Mangelsdorf


You've got a business. You've got some traction. Hell, you've even got a promising start. But now you need cold hard cash to power you through to the next stage of your venture — how on Earth are you supposed to get it? Have no fear, because Pascal and Sophie have done it all before.

taught by Pascal Koenig
and Sophie Lamparter

The time has come to fuel the next phase of your startup's journey.
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