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What is the Swisspreneur Syndicate?

The Swisspreneur Syndicate connects investors with exceptional startup founder talents from our community for investments.

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Why get investment from Swisspreneur?

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No fuss
We’re founders ourselves and we know what a time suck raising money can be. We want to make the process for closing your pre-seed round easy and fast for you. On average, our investments take 2-3 weeks to close.
Smart money
To get your idea off the ground, access to the right people is what counts. Through the syndicate, you can engage a larger group of experts without over expanding your cap table.
Follow up rounds
Through our larger network and our established social channels, we can give you exposure to create momentum for your follow up rounds.
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Vetting criteria

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Hard facts

  • We only invest in Swiss-based companies
  • You have to have a legal entity formed either a GmbH or an AG

Soft facts

  • Stage: Based on our average ticket size of around 75k we prefer to invest in the pre-seed / seed stage
  • Traction: Your traction should be beyond a pure idea stage, ideally, you have your first customers and revenue
  • Cap table: 70-80% kept by operational founders, ideally with an equal split
  • Team: between 2 and 5 founders with different skillset
  • Valuation: reasonable for your stage (we prefer <10M)
Our application process

Our application process is based on 3 main stages that you will go through until we send your case to our investor community:

Application review

We check your application against our vetting criteria.

Intro call

We invite you to an intro call to better get to know you and your venture and clarify any open questions.

Deep dive call

We invite you to a deep dive call to learn more about your business and specific areas of interest. 


"Through the Swisspreneur Syndicate, we were able to close our pre-seed round really efficiently. We’ve been part of the community for a long time so we knew that they are all about making it easy for founders - and we weren’t disappointed."

Swisspreneur Syndicate - Invest into startups from 5000CHF
Luca Fabian, Co-founder Jurata

"We’ve been an active part of the Swisspreneur community for some time and their network has really helped us take our business to the next level."

Igor Susmelj
Igor Susmelj, Co-founder Lightly

“I really appreciated how fast and seamless the whole process was - very founder-friendly! Swisspreneur is a great supporter to have on your cap table.”

Cristina Rossi, CEO at b-rayz
What is the benefit of a syndicate?

The advantage of a syndicate is that you have one item on your cap table for a potentially large number of investors, and that's multiplied brainpower & network to get your idea off the ground.

How big are the ticket sizes?

We usually sign tickets between CHF 50k and 500k per deal.

In which stages & verticals do you invest?

We invest in pre-seed and seed Swiss-based companies without a specific vertical focus.

How can I apply for investment?

Click ‘Apply to Pitch’ and fill out the form.

How does the investment process work?

If you manage to pass all stages of our application process, we send out your case to our investor base. Usually, we have the final commitments ready within two to four weeks and can sign your term sheet.

Are there any costs involved?

There are no costs involved for the startup.

Can I get a list of names of the investors in the syndicate?

Due to privacy reasons, we cannot release the names of the investors in our syndicate.

Will each investor in the syndicate show up on my cap table?

No, only the syndicate as a whole will be shown on your cap table.

What happens after the round is closed?

After the round is closed, we expect you to keep the syndicate updated as you do with all of your investors. We’re also here to support you with advice, intros, access to our network (e.g. to investors for your next round), and events.

I have questions, who should I reach out to?

If you have applied and haven’t heard back, we normally get back to you within a week about the next steps. For any other inquiries, feel free to reach out to us via

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