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Founders Dinner #12

Zoom Call
November 11th, 2021 · 6 - 8pm CET

Meet fellow founders for a night of exchange, learning and networking. This event will take place remotely.
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What is it?

Our Swisspreneur Events, Podcasts and Blogs all have one common mission, to advance entrepreneurship in Switzerland. The quarterly dinners however, cater specifically to promoting networking and open dialogue amongst local founders.

Why should I attend?

Founder’s dinners are a platform for you to enjoy the fruits of colloquial entrepreneurship! During a delicious dinner you can satisfy many hungers by exploring ideas and innovation outside of your daily network, exchanging solutions to complementary problems or simply share stories about your latest travels and that inspiring book you couldn’t put down before bed.

Who else attends?

We do our best to invite a diverse group of entrepreneurs for each dinner. We often invite based on stage of development and current challenges for better relatability and consequential benefits from your shared dialogue. After each course, you’ll change seats and engage with a new flavour of entrepreneurs and their tasty ideas.

How do I get invited?

Apply to attend in the link above.


„The Swisspreneur Founders dinners are a great opportunity to get together with a diverse group of fellow entrepreneurs. Everyone is on a different journey, but each founder has something you can relate to or take away.“

Myke Näf
Myke Näf
(Übermorgen Ventures, Doodle)

„It was surely the most welcoming founders gathering I have ever been to. Swisspreneur picked a really great location, came up with an interesting concept to exchange with as many founders as possible, and selected a really wonderful group of people“

Daniele Farrace
Daniele Farrace

„The Swiss startup scene is growing but there is a clear lack of a community. The regular Swisspreneur Founders dinner brings entrepreneurs from all kinds of industries together on a regular basis. For me, the benefit of meeting like-minded people on a regular basis helps not only growing the network but also finding good sparring partners to accelerate growth.“

Igor Susmelj
Igor Susmelj