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Aldo Podestà, founder L2F, Swisspreneur Podcast
EP #115 - Aldo Podestà: Democratizing Access To AI

Aldo Podestà (L2F)

December 14, 2020
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1:29 – Why create an AI startup?
9:00 – Having a great team
10:33 – Combining vision with short-term strategy
16:57 – Creating a company narrative
19:07 – Tips for students today

About Aldo Podestà:

Aldo Podestà is the founder and CEO of L2F, the company behind the platform, which builds and hosts high performance machine learning applications. Before starting Giotto in 2017, Aldo Podestà worked in Sales Strategy at Philip Morris, in Lausanne. The idea for Giotto was born when he presented at a high level management meeting and was asked to provide an explanation for the recommendations his machine learning based strategy model had provided. When he was unable to explain the recommendations of his own model, he suspected that there would be tremendous value in a solution that would increase a machine learning model’s interpretability. Not long after its inception, won a competition on Kaggle, one of the most prestigious data science platforms globally. In 2019, the company closed a CHF 3.2 Series A round which allowed them to pursue their ambitious vision. As a CEO, Aldo initially struggled to assemble the right team around him: betting on exclusively young and ambitious employees proved to be a mistake. Today, he counts on a more mixed team with various levels of experience.

Memorable Quotes:

“You don’t run a company alone. You run it with every single one of your employees.”

Resources Mentioned:

VentureLab (Venture Kick)


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