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Anina Lutz, co-founder Calingo, Swisspreneur Podcast

EP #398 - Anina Lutz: Digitizing Insurance

Anina Lutz

May 2, 2024

1:48 - Getting into the insurance business

8:47 - The potential of digital insurance solutions

19:50 - The health insurance market

29:24 - Collaborating with other insurance companies

32:57 - Convertible loan over equity rounds

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About Anina Lutz:

⁠Anina Lutz⁠ is the co-founder and CEO of ⁠Calingo Insurance AG⁠, a digital insurance company. She holds a MSc in Business & Economics from the University of Basel and previously worked at Helvetia before starting Calingo in 2020. 

As a digital insurance company, Calingo offers personalized insurance coverage at the point of sale in a hassle-free and digital way, for your home, your pets or your business. Their home insurance offer is 25% cheaper than market average, since they do not charge high commissions and have easy, low cost operations. Their pet insurance comes at a higher price at first, but since the premiums remain constant regardless of the pet’s age, the lifetime value ends up cheaper than other pet insurances.

They’ve partnered up with insurance companies like SwissRe to have them as risk carriers. Thus far they’ve decided not to delve into health insurance, since it is a rather saturated market. Instead they plan to use next year's series A funds (provided that the round closes successfully) to set up a system of vet video calls and bring their services to Germany.

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