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Dania Gerhardt, founder Amazee Labs, Swisspreneur Podcast
EP #2 – Dania Gerhardt: The Ups and Downs of Entrepreneurship

Dania Gerhardt (Amazee Labs)

September 2, 2016
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1:06 – Why open offices in Zurich, Austin and Cape Town
5:54 – Why studying economics aids you as a CEO
21:55 – Dealing with critics
32:03 – Knowing it’s time to pivot
46:25 – Founding a company with your husband/wife

About Dania Gerhardt and Amazee Labs

Dania Gerhardt is the founder of Amazee Labs. She started in 2007 and successfully pivoted her startup to one of Switzerland’s premier Web services companies Amazee Labs. The company has offices in Zurich, Austin and Cape Town. In 2014 Dania moved from Zurich to Cape Town and frequently commutes between South Africa and Switzerland. Dania serves on the boards of the Swiss Internet Industry Association and Swissnex. She is also the host of TEDx Zurich since 2012. Before her entrepreneurial life, Dania was an accounting executive at KPMG in Zurich. She received a Master in Economics from the University of Basel.

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