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Deana Mohr-Haralampieva, MUVON Therapeutics CEO and co-founder, Swisspreneur Podcast

EP #330 - Deana Mohr-Haralampieva: Tissue Engineering to Solve Incontinence

Deana Mohr-Haralampieva

July 13, 2023

03:22 - Swiss women in STEM

08:10 - The high demand for incontinence testing

10:07 - Positive feedback from trials

15:29 - The challenges when conducting trials

20:17 - Funding difficulties

About Deana Mohr-Haralampieva: 

Deana Mohr-Haralampieva is the CEO & co-founder at MUVON Therapeutics, a groundbreaking startup developing a therapeutic platform for the regeneration of skeletal muscle tissue. With a background in radiopharmaceutical sciences, tissue engineering, and STEM cell therapies, Deana has extensive research experience, including a Master of Science in Cellular and Molecular Biology  from the University of Konstanz, and she continued to focus on tissue repair therapy with a Ph.D. from ETH.

She boldly transitioned into the startup world, driven by her passion for bringing innovative solutions to life. MUVON Therapeutics was originally  a life science spin-off  from the University of Zurich developing a therapeutic platform for regenerating skeletal muscle tissue based on autologous cells, repairing damaged tissue, and increasing the regenerative potential of weakened muscles. Their initial area of focus  was the treatment of stress urinary incontinence in women, supporting them respectfully throughout their journey to a healthier and better quality of life. 

The societal challenges surrounding women in STEM fields are a constant obstacle for female founders in these fields. The need for increased female representation and dispelling stereotypes is as relevant as ever, as Deana herself has encountered misconceptions about her work, but she has also experienced firsthand the progress made in this regard, witnessing a positive shift in the number of women joining STEM courses.

The goal for MUVON Therapeutics is to continue making strides in regenerative medicine and open up trials for more varied groups of women to have access to this therapy, and to also make it accessible for men. The long-term goal would be international reach by expanding to the US and the rest of Europe.

Memorable quotes:

"Pharma can be a scarier world than the startup world, but our project was already on the go, so we decided to stay onboard and see it through: and here we are!"

"Seeing the muscle fibers twitching in the lab, I knew this would work, and we decided to make it happen."

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