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Cris Grossmann, co-founder Beekeeper, Swisspreneur Podcast

EP #46 - Cris Grossmann: Fundraising For Growth

Cris Grossmann

November 21, 2019

2:06 – What mistakes do Swiss startups make repeatedly when it comes to funding for growth?
11:43 – How to find investors
24:06 – Turning down a $ 10 million investment offer
30:47 – How to go about evaluation
40:50 – When to start the fundraising process

The Episode in 60 Seconds

The four phases of fundraising.

Phase 1: Preparation

  • Start preparations either in early September or in January, as to not hit the VCs’ winter or summer break.
  • Don’t waste your time talking to VCs which aren’t adequate for the round you are trying to raise anyway.
  • Use personal introductions wherever you can.

Phase 2: Pitching

  • Do a first screening call to gauge the general fit of the VC for your business and round.
  • The goal of your pitching is to get a term sheet, which equals an offer to invest from a VC.

Phase 3: Negotiating Term Sheets

  • Once you have (hopefully) collected a few term sheets, it’s time to evaluate and negotiate on the different offers.
  • When choosing an investor, the cultural fit should not be underestimated. Don’t be afraid to get references on the VC from other ventures he/she has previously invested in.
  • Don’t obsess too much over valuation. It is not an exact science.

Phase 4: Due Diligence

  • Once you have decided to go with an offer, the investor will perform his due diligence on your business to make sure your books are in order.

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