Christian Burger, founder Antarius, Swisspreneur Podcast
EP #60 - Christian Burger: Q&A On Organizational Setups For Startups

Christian Burger (Antarius GmbH)

February 27, 2020
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2:45 – Do I need a co-founder? When is it absolutely essential to get one?
4:15 – How to get to the right organizational set-up
9:47 – What’s a good vision for a company?
16:59 – How small is a lean startup? What are the advantages?
18:42 – How do I find the right people?
30:09 – Should you work with freelancers? Can you onboard them later on?
32:16 – Getting an inexpensive, rockstar team for you startup
33:55 – Should every employee get stock options?
36:28 – What role do team meetings play in the EOS system?
43:35 – What is the role of the visionary?
45:50 – How to prepare your organizational system for growth.
47:40 – Which admin tasks should you outsource?
50:16 – Do we need marketing experts?

About Christian Burger and EOS

Christian Burger is the founder and owner of Antarius Gmbh and one of Switzerland’s first licensed implementers of EOS (the Entrepreneurial Operating System). Christian advises the leadership teams of companies how to effectively set up their organization. He holds a degree in electrical engineering but focused a major part of his career on project management before starting his own company Nomasis in 2007, which focused on enterprise mobile device management, and later Antarius, a business consultancy, in 2010.

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