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EP #67 - Tanja Lau: Q&A On Raising Kids And Growing A Startup

Tanja Lau (Product Academy)

April 16, 2020
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2:05 – Managing a work-life balance
3:42 – Missing half of your own wedding
8:00 – Finding out what’s really important
14:08 – Preparing for motherhood
18:19 – Finding a challenging part-time job
20:55 – Why not a corporate career?
29:57 – The role of Tanja’s husband
32:43 – How to split parenting responsibilities
40:23 – Swiss women in leadership positions
46:05 – What does motherhood teach you about business?

About Tanja Lau and Product Academy

Tanja Lau is an experienced entrepreneur and the founder of Product Academy, a coaching business for product managers. Previously she was Head of Product at Siroop, where she played a crucial role in scaling the company to over 200 employees. During this intense period of her life she found herself experiencing symptoms of burnout, even suffering a breakdown at her own wedding. With the goal of building a balanced yet challenging career for herself, she started Product Academy and is running it part time while raising her two young children.

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