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EP #92 - Yaël Meier: Selling To Gen Z

Yaël Meier (Zeam)

July 30, 2020
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2:11 – What mistakes do Swiss companies make when it comes to Gen Z?
6:19 – Aligning company goals with Gen Z’s activist streak
19:13 – Leading people older than you
22:44 – Which social media platforms are currently relevant?
31:00 – How to sell to Gen Z

The Episode In 60 Seconds

What is Generation Z?

Young people born between 1995 – 2010, NOT Millennials.

How to win Generation Z as customers

  • Do not simply base your assumptions on conversations with your kids.
  • Talk TO members of Generation Z instead of only ABOUT them.
  • Your brand image is important
  • Remember, members of Generation Z are activists.

How to win Generation  Z as employees and retain them

  • A compelling company vision will be more important than high salaries.
  • A clear path for growth within the organization.
  • Meaningful and mission-driven work.
  • Responsibility and appreciation.

What’s the deal with TikTok?

  • Fast growing social media platform with over 2bn downloads (July 2020).
  • Very young audience.
  • Still high virality potential.
  • Now is the time to get started with your company account.
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