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Georg Hirschi, co-founder FOUND, Swisspreneur Podcast

EP #355 - Georg Hirschi: Flipping the Roles in Job Search

Georg Hirschi

November 16, 2023

1:08 - Moving to Australia

7:30 - Shift from corporate to founder

16:50 - Reversing roles in job search

30:30 - How to keep contracts on FOUND

36:43 - Starting out bootstrapped

About Georg Hirschi:

⁠⁠Georg Hirschi⁠⁠ is the co-founder and strategy lead at ⁠⁠FOUND⁠⁠, a startup bringing the digital consumer revolution to hiring. He holds an MA in Applied Sciences, Commerce & Business Administration from UZH, and previously worked at companies like PeopleScout and Lee Hecht Harrison before starting FOUND in 2022, together with his co-founder Ranjit de Sousa.

Despite the COVID pandemic having turbocharged digitization in companies across the globe, hiring has remained immune to innovation for the past few decades. Employers and job searchers alike are overwhelmingly unhappy with the hiring process, whether that be with or without the services of recruiters.  

FOUND turns the tables and has employers pitch opportunities to top talent. AI-based matching and gamified assessments make every interaction worthwhile and keep everyone happy. Of course, FOUND only works with fast growing companies committed to providing a great employee experience, and they only accept top talent onto their platform.

Here’s what sets the FOUND talent community apart:

  • They have demonstrable experience in one of these 3 areas: product, UX/UI design, and software sales;
  • Their onboarding involved a range of selective assessments, not only of their skills and experience, but also of their preferences and behavioral traits;
  • They’re employed but not quite happy with their current situation, though not so frustrated that they’re willing to go through the traditional job searching process. Basically, if you’re not on FOUND, you wouldn’t find them.

FOUND’s services are free for talent, and free for employers as well right up until an employment contract is exchanged — then they pay a fixed fee. This way, it’s a 0 risk proposition for both the employer and the employee.

Memorable Quotes:

"We want to simultaneously solve the skills gap for employers and get people jobs that they really love."

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