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Herbert Bay, co-founder Kooaba, Swisspreneur Podcast

EP #21 - Herbert Bay: Selling a Company and Sailing Around The World

Herbert Bay (Magic Leap)

March 6, 2019

1:20 – What made Herbert Bay become an entrepreneur.
5:40 – Having two technical founders; dealing with lack of business knowledge.
7:30 – Raising 10 million dollars.
12:25 – How Herbert dealt with a difficult time in his life; what he learnt.
24:57 – Managing a company from a distance.

About Herbert Bay and Kooaba

Herbert Bay is the co-founder of Kooaba, an image recognition program which he successfully sold to Qualcomm in 2014. Following his successful exit, he embarked on a sailing trip from France to New Zealand together with his wife and two young sons. While at sea, he managed his second venture, Shortcut, remotely. After a 4-year journey, Herbert returned to Switzerland, where he took the position as Principal Software Engineer, Digital Health & User Perception at Magic Leap, a US company that specializes in “mixed-reality” applications. Herbert holds a PhD from ETH Zurich and is a published researcher.

Memorable Quotes

“A founding team should have a developer, and designer, and a sales person — all capable of multitasking.”

“Gratefulness is an important ingredient for a happy life. And another one is not taking yourself too seriously.”

“Being CEO doesn’t mean being at the top – quite the contrary: you serve your customers, employees, shareholders, the board…”

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