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Holger Seim, co-founder Blinkist, Swisspreneur Podcast

EP #376 - Holger Seim: The Blinkist Story

Holger Seim

February 15, 2024

7:03 - Their passion for Blinkist

12:33 - Losing co-founders

25:30 - The value Blinkist provides

33:56 - Going B2C and B2B

43:30 - From early adopters to mainstream user base

About Holger Seim:

⁠Holger Seim⁠ is the co-founder and former CEO at ⁠Blinkist⁠, the mobile-first microlearning app. He holds a diploma from the Philipp University of Marburg and previously worked for companies like Volkswagen Group China and Deutsche Telekom before starting Blinkist in 2012.

Blinkist was created during the dawn of smartphones to solve a problem experienced not only by its co-founders but by many working professionals: wanting to learn new things, but not having the time to do so. They take long form content (mostly non-fiction books, but also podcast episodes and articles) and distill them into 15 minute reads or listens. Most features are behind a paywall, but there’s also 1 blink of the day that non-paying users can enjoy. Their user base includes both people who are readers and see Blinkist as a supplement, and people whose sole contact with books comes from Blinkist.

In 2023 Blinkist was acquired by the Australian content company Go1. This was a goal the Blinkist team had been pursuing ever since they took on VC money. Nowadays Holger is no longer the CEO of Blinkist but remains active as COO at Go1. 

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