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Jeremias Meier, co-founder Bexio, Swisspreneur Podcast|Jeremias Meier, co-founder at Bexio, Swisspreneur Podcast

EP #106 - Jeremias Meier: Spinning A Product Out Of A Service Business

Jeremias Meier (Bexio)

November 5, 2020

12:56 – Turning a company tool into a product
25:00 – Developing a brand with 25 other people
34:53 – Dealing with the complexity of a growing company
43:23 – Being laughed at by more traditional companies
56:38 – Finding work-life balance

About Jeremias Meier and Bexio

Jeremias Meier is the co-founder and managing director of Bexio, a company offering SaaS around payrolling, invoicing and accounting. Bexio was born out of Jeremias’ first business iBrowse, that he started while still at university. The team had built Bexio (called Easysys at the time) for their internal invoicing needs but found that a lot of agencies like themselves were interested in using the product. In 2014, they separated the product and agency business and spun out Bexio into an independent company. iBrowse was acquired by PwC in 2015 and transformed into a digital experience center.

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