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Loïc Schülé, co-founder denteo, Swisspreneur Podcast

EP #242 - Loïc Schülé: 21st Century Dentistry

Loïc Schülé

May 19, 2022

1:40 - Consulting prepared Loïc for entrepreneurship

7:45 - Building an agency

12:58 - Solving someone else’s problem

24:24 - Focus vs offering a multifaceted product

33:39 - Being bootstrapped for several years

About Loïc Schülé:

Loïc Schülé is the co-founder and CEO at denteo, a software provider for dentist offices. He studied computer science at EPFL and worked in consulting before pivoting his career and landing at Impact Hub in 2015.

He co-founded denteo in 2017 with 3 other co-founders. Loïc picked dentistry because it was an underserved niche market to which he had no prior connection, which would make failure feel less upsetting. Denteo’s cloud technology offers easy online booking for patients, a well laid-out calendar, seamless medical history, a quick way to record positions, tidy billing management and reliable recalls.

The delay in digitization within the dentistry space creates a generational divide between older dentists, who think their current systems work totally fine, and younger dentists, who are frustrated and yearning for something better. Part of denteo’s challenge is therefore to educate the market and breach this generational gap.

Memorable Quotes:

"Being naïve is dangerous but it’s also super exciting."

Resources Mentioned:

The Hard Thing About Hard Things, Ben Horrowitz

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