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Loris Niederberger, co-founder Moodtalk, Swisspreneur Podcast

EP #367 - Loris Niederberger: Why Your Team Management Needs a Software

Loris Niederberger

December 28, 2023

1:13 - Accidentally ending up in China

9:04 - Psychological safety at work

18:50 - Publicly disclosing your pricing

28:10 - Getting the first customers

36:00 - Doubting if you’ll make it

About Loris Niederberger:

⁠Loris Niederberger ⁠is the co-founder of ⁠Moodtalk⁠, a software for clarity and structure on how teams work together successfully. He holds an MA in International Management from CEMS and previously worked for companies like swissnex China and Voliro Airborne Robotics before starting Moodtalk in 2021.

It is estimated that 97% of C-levels don't know how the company’s strategy, values, and principles are understood and lived in teams, and 3 out of 4 employees say it's unclear how to collaborate optimally as a team. This lack of clarity naturally leads to dissatisfaction, overload, and disorientation — that’s where Moodtalk comes in! Moodtalk lets you define rules for collaboration and update them frequently, and every defined initiative gets tracked.

Through Moodtalk, you can define some basic rules for working optimally together as a team by answering questions like:

  • What should our meeting culture be like? (Cadence, time of day, prep, meeting notes…)
  • How do we give each other feedback? (What does quality mean to us?)
  • How do we approach people who seem burned out?

By defining these things early on and sticking to them, you slowly build up ‘psychological safety’ in your team, which is a term for how willing your team members are to speak up whenever they disagree with something, or simply wish to propose an idea. Of course these things can theoretically be achieved without specialized software, but then again, so can sales and accounting, and we don’t tackle those without proper software nowadays. Moodtalk estimates that through their software teams save an average of 12h per month (mostly by cutting out unnecessary meetings!) and reduce fluctuation by more than 20%.

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