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EP #126 - Michele Matt: Down The Entrepreneurial Road

Michele Matt (MyCamper)

January 25, 2021
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1:55 – Motivation for taking the leap as a founder
6:27 – Expanding to Sweden
9:20 – Losing investors over Covid
13:18 – The Upscaler experience
18:14 – Shady accelerator programmes

About MyCamper and Michele Matt

Michele Matt is the co-founder and CEO of MyCamper, a peer-to-peer camper rental platform. Michele started MyCamper in 2015 when he realized that his own camper, Charly, sat idle for a large part of the year. What started as a project to rent out his own vehicle soon turned into a two-sided marketplace idea. In spring of 2020, the company was closing their fist fundraising round with the Covid 19 pandemic in full swing. During the course of 2020, MyCamper hit the CHF 1 m threshold in revenue and now boasts 1000 campers on their platform. The MyCamper founding team also participated in the SEF UpScaler Program, which supports companies in accelerating international growth. For the next 3 years, MyCamper wants to drive an ambitious growth strategy, before focusing on profitability. In 2021, MyCamper wants to focus on doubling their numbers from 2020 and becoming the number #1 player in Sweden while keeping their position in Switzerland. From there they plan to expand across the entire Nordic region of Europe, beating their competitors in local markets.

Memorable Quotes

“I grew up in an entrepreneurial family, and it really inspired me. I wanted to have the freedom to explore my ideas.”

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