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EP #144 - Nicholas Hänny: Die Erfolgsstory Von NIKIN

Nicholas Hänny (NIKIN)

March 29, 2021
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1:49 – First entrepreneurial activities
7:05 – The start of the NIKIN story
20:47 – Where NIKIN finds its employees
27:35 – The unplanned marketing success
39:29 – Hardcore fans tattooing the NIKIN logo

About Nicholas Hänny and NIKIN

Nicholas Hänny is the co-founder and CEO of NIKIN, a sustainable fashion startup. Nicholas started NIKIN in 2016 together with his childhood friend Robin Gnehm after having been rejected by several large consulting companies he applied to intern with. Within only 4 years, he grew the company to 30 employees and CHF 7.2 m revenue. In 2019, Nicholas received the “Aargauer of the Year Award” as recognition for his work with NIKIN. Nicholas has a background in marketing and business administration. He holds a Master of Arts in Business Innovation from the University of St. Gallen and was part of the CEMS program.

Memorable Quotes

“Konzentriere dich besser auf 6 KPI’s in Marketing und Sales, anstelle von 30-40 KPI’s die wir momentan haben.”

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