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Nicole Colmenares Pulido, co-founder Circleg, Swisspreneur Podcast

EP #388 - Nicole Colmenares Pulido: How to Make Prosthetics Accessible Worldwide

Nicole Colmenares Pulido

April 2, 2024

2:41 - The neglected field of disability care

5:09 - Making money as an impact startup

9:30 - Circleg’s magic team

15:33 - Managing startup growth

18:20 - Fundraising through the Swisspreneur Syndicate

⁠About Nicole Colmenares Pulido:

Nicole Colmenares Pulido⁠ is the co-founder and Head of Business Development & Finance at ⁠Circleg⁠, a Swiss startup providing affordable and high-quality prosthetics to low and middle income countries across the world. Nicole holds a master’s degree in Business and Development Studies from Copenhagen Business School and previously worked for companies like Climate-KIC and PRORSUM AG before starting Circleg in 2021.

Circleg addresses a very pressing problem: over 90% of global amputees don’t have access to quality prosthetic care, since prosthetic manufacturers tend to focus on high income countries to ensure sizable profit margins. Circleg wants to change this, so they’ve created an affordable, circular and high-quality prosthetic which they’ve begun selling within the African continent, with Kenya as their starting market.

Although initially they depended on grant money, the team is now ready for VC funding, and is raising CHF 1.5M to power their African expansion. Part of these funds are being raised through the Swisspreneur Syndicate: check out our ⁠deal flow page⁠ to learn more.

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