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EP #128 - Roxana Porada: Enabling Trust In A Digital World

Roxana Porada (PXL Vision)

February 1, 2021
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1:41 – Wanting to build something meaningful
5:16 – $6m Investment round
11:22 – The Upscaler experience
17:37 – Entering the growth stage
20:37 – More about Roxana

About Roxana Porada and PXL Vision

Roxana Porada is the co-founder and CPO of PXL Vision, a software provider for digital identity solutions. Roxana obtained a degree in Cybernetics and Statistics and subsequently worked as a software developer. In 2012, she joined Dacuda, the company founded by Swisspreneur guest Michael Born. When Dacuda was acquired by Magic Leap in 2017, she started PXL Vision together with three colleagues. To date, PXL Vision is most renowned as the technology provider for the SwissID solution and for their customer verification and onboarding solutions for enterprises. In May 2020, PXL Vision secured CHF 4.6 m in seed financing. The investment round was led by SIX Fintech Ventures. The company has also been awarded the Swiss Economic Award and was admitted to the SEF Upscaler Program. Going forward, PXL Vision aims to expand into the DACH region beyond Switzerland and branch out into additional use cases beyond customer onboarding.

Memorable Quotes

I wouldn’t like to be a leader without also being a team-player.

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