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Sandra Tobler, co-founder Futurae Technologies, Swisspreneur Podcast

EP #265 - Sandra Tobler: Cybersecurity In Switzerland

Sandra Tobler

October 6, 2022

1:40 - Having too many interests

11:11 - Testing an idea for a year

17:45 - Focusing on which problem to solve and how

19:30 - Building trust in the cybersecurity space

27:55 - What it takes to be an entrepreneur

About Sandra Tobler:

Sandra Tobler is the co-founder and CEO at Futurae Technologies, a startup providing future-proof, end user-centric authentication. She previously worked at IBM and the Switzerland Global Enterprise and holds an MA in International Affairs from the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva.

Futurae solutions enable seamless 2FA with fallbacks, compliant transaction confirmations, secure helpdesk authentication, and anything in between. They also help companies meet risk and compliance requirements, fraud monitoring, security analytics, and much more.

The company was created in 2016, back in the early days of cloud options, when the cloud was still regarded as “evil”. Their product was actually the first that the majority of their customers deployed in the cloud. This meant Futurae had to become an expert in building trust, and they did so not only by having an extremely talented team overall, but specifically a really strong support team (and not just a killer sales team).

Memorable Quotes:

"Over 93% of all information technology startups are still around after 5 years. That’s a super high number."

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