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Seraina Soldner, co-founder SINGA Switzerland, Swisspreneur Podcast

EP #384 - Seraina Soldner: Migrants in Switzerland & Social Impact Entrepreneurship

Seraina Soldner

March 21, 2024

1:31 - Being interested in social impact work 

11:06 - The background of SINGA applicants

16:27 - Who funds SINGA 

29:42 - Does the world share the Swiss fear of failure?

42:57 - Knowing when to move on 

About Seraina Soldner:

⁠Seraina Soldner⁠ is the co-founder and former co-director of ⁠SINGA Switzerland⁠, an incubator for projects built by people with a refugee or migrant experience, and currently a project manager at Hospital at Home Verein (hospitales). She holds an MA in International Affairs with a focus on International Law from the Geneva Graduate Institute and previously worked for Justice Rapid Response in Geneva, the UN Refugee Agency in Malta and the Munich Refugee Council before starting SINGA’s Swiss chapter in 2016.

SINGA is a unique incubator with the purpose to enhance entrepreneurial skills and provide a local network for people with a refugee or migrant experience. They also support them in achieving access to the Swiss labor market by running a variety of start up and mentoring programs. 25% of participants found a business/an association and 100% of participants feel more part of Swiss society after participating. The SINGA programs were made possible by the Migros Pioneer Fund, part of the social commitment of the Migros Group. The first SINGA organization was founded in 2012 in Paris.

The Migros Pioneer Fund is a voluntary development fund of the Migros Group companies. It was founded as the Migros Commitment Development Fund in 2012 and has since been actively scouting and promoting projects with a long-term benefit to society, and financially supporting them for between three and five years.

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