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Séverine Gisin, co-founder IDUN Technologies, Swisspreneur podcast

EP #245 - Séverine Gisin: Preventative Neurotech

Séverine Gisin

June 2, 2022

1:37 - Studying STEM

11:29 - Patent and a seed round

24:06 - Educating the market and closing the deal

27:53 - Landing a partnership with SONY

31:18 - Filing patents is depressing

About Séverine Gisin:

Séverine Gisin is the co-founder and CCO at IDUN Technologies, a neurotech startup with a vision of creating a more connected and empathetic world using brain-sensing headphones. She has a background in Health Science and Technologies from ETH.

Together with her co-founder Simon Bachmann, Séverine began the IDUN project at ETH by pitching to startup-friendly professors. Together they developed sensors which turn brain signals into actionable insights and can be worn discreetly: they come in the form of headphones. There are two main use cases: sleep health and hearing health. Sleep-wise, their product helps track the sleeping patterns of narcoleptics, which helps physicians make decisions about dosages. Hearing-wise, IDUN Technologies has partnered up with an app that provides hearing fitness: they train your ear to spot different frequencies, some of which you may have forgotten how to detect.

They recently enrolled in a SONY accelerator program in Sweden and were selected for investment.

Memorable Quotes:

"Engineering is the safest way to be creative."

"In other countries, entrepreneurship is a means of survival. In Switzerland, entrepreneurship is a privilege."

Resources Mentioned:

Institut für geistiges Eigentum

The hard thing about hard things, Ben Horowitz

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