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Adrienne Perramond, business angel, Swisspreneur Podcast
EP #149 - Adrienne Perramond: Trends In Swiss Angel Investing

Adrienne Perramond (Business Angels Switzerland)

April 15, 2021
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2:20 – “Stiff” Switzerland
8:13 – Crucial business angel skills
11:32 – Average ticket size
25:44 – Covid trends
34:08 – Picking 3 markets

About Adrienne Perramond

Adrienne Perramond is Mediator at GDC Médiation and Board Member at Business Angels Switzerland, one of the leading angel investing networks nationwide. Adrienne grew up in a multicultural environment between Switzerland, the US and England, where she completed her BSc in Business at the University of Buckingham. In 2001, she sold Transfer Solutions, her own relocation service agency in Neuchâtel. After many years in local politics as a Liberal Party councilor in Colombier, Adrienne is now a committed angel investor with a focus on diversified sectors and conscious team building. Through BAS, she has invested in 11 startups, 5 to 7 of which may lead to a great exit in 3 years’ time. Of a total of 16 exits, 9 have profited the club members with a multiple 2,5 return: such is the work of experts! Adrienne’s main interests for the upcoming years include healthcare diagnosis, delivery logistics, remote working and food tech solutions, and she has great predictions about the post-pandemic future to share!


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Memorable Quotes

“You’ve got to have the right mindset. Are you angel material? Do you have a long-term view? You can’t be in it just for the money, but if you are, can you afford to lose it? What’s your tolerance for risk and failure? You can have the thrill of victory but also the agony of defeat. Most importantly, you’ve got to have respect and love for entrepreneurs and startups.”

“In Switzerland, getting to an exit is not a matter of two years. Usually, it takes more, at least five to seven years. We’re a deep tech nation and that’s bound to make things slower.”

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