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Philippe Bubb & Martin Altorfer, co-founders Session.VC, Swisspreneur Podcast

EP #247 - Philippe Bubb & Martin Altorfer: Building Session.VC

Philippe Bubb & Martin Altorfer

June 9, 2022

1:39 - The freedom of entrepreneurship

11:25 - Getting access to deals in the 00s

17:15 - Borrowing money to invest in startups

34:12 - Team and timing

43:43 - The Swiss tendency to miss out

About Philippe Bubb & Martin Altorfer:

Philippe Bubb and Martin Altorfer are the co-founders of, a fund investing in early stage companies in the software and consumer space. Philippe has an MBA in Business Administration and Finance from HSG and previously worked as a financial analyst. He also co-founded several companies, namely the wealth management boutique IFS, BCAP AG and Focus Capital. Martin is a serial entrepreneur, with companies like Celeris AG, replica GmbH, BCAP AG and Active-Net under his belt.

Philippe and Martin have been angel investors for over two decades. Back in the 00s, there was hardly a structured approach to finding and securing deals: you just had to keep your eyes open, speak with lots of people, and take opportunities as they came. In the case of the ON founders, whom they invested in, there existed already a previous friendship. As for the money they invested, Martin made use of the money he made when selling his first company Active-Net at 29, whereas Philippe took out a loan from his parents (this is a setup he definitely does not recommend).

Philippe and Martin pride themselves on being active investors, but they also make a point of showing that an active investor does not equal a founder. In the past, they made the mistake of accruing too much responsibility on the operational side, which shielded the actual founders from the true hardship of entrepreneurship. Nowadays Martin and Philippe make an effort to preserve some distance.

In 2019 they founded Session VC. Their fund focuses on the software and consumer space because these are the industries that Martin and Philippe understand best, and it focuses on early stage companies because this is the phase they find most fascinating and in which they believe they can contribute the most. Together they’ve also created Session Lab, where they discuss interesting topics and later either find a founder who will pick that project up or a founder who is already doing something similar, whom they can invest in.

When investing, Martin and Philippe look for a good team and the right timing. They don’t think the idea is crucial — just look at ON, a running shoe company. They consider it a red flag if the founders have day jobs or if their cap tables look a mess (50 angels, 7 convertibles, etc…).

Memorable Quotes:

"If I have to read the manual, it's a bad product." (Martin Altorfer)

Resources Mentioned:

Brian Chesky’s interview with Reed Hoffmann

Lex Fridman podcast

The Tim Ferriss Show

The Cold Start Problem, Andrew Chen

The Silk Roads, Peter Frankopan


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