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Alan Frei, co-founder Amorana, Swisspreneur Podcast
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1:32 – What can the Swiss startup ecosystem learn from the Chinese one?
12:10 – The importance of having the right focus
16:20 – How Alan’s father being an entrepreneur influenced him
20:57 – Does minimalism bring happiness?
26:34 – The role of the social circle when it comes to personal growth and support

About Alan Frei and Amorana

Alan Frei is the co-founder of, an e-commerce platform for sex toys and lingerie. Before starting Amorana, he experimented with a variety of other projects such as and LooksOfLove, from which he learned what it takes to make a company successful. Alan is a University of Zurich alumni and headed the University’s startup center. He lives a minimalist lifestyle, counting less than 120 items in his personal possession.

Memorable Quotes by Alan Frei

“Corporate experience is overrated. Working for a great entrepreneur abroad will help you more, in the long run.”

“If you need to convince people that your product is useful, it’ll be very difficult to scale up quickly.”

“Where lawyers see risk, entrepreneurs see opportunity.”

“A lean lifestyle gives you freedom and a whole bunch of opportunities.”

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