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Alisée De Tonnac, founder Seedstars, Swisspreneur Podcast

EP #6 – Alisée de Tonnac: Creating a Global Startup Initiative

Alisée de Tonnac (Seedstars World)

February 8, 2017

0:40 – What is Seedspace?
13:59 – Knowing you’ve got the right co-founder
22:43 – Maintaining the Seedstars culture across many cultures
36:09 – Finding a mentor
40:00 – Communication within a global venture

About Alisée de Tonnac and Seedstars

Alisée de Tonnac is the Founder and CEO of Seedstars, an investment firm building and investing in tech companies in 60+ emerging markets. After traveling for a year around the world she set up the first edition of Seedstars in 2013 and grew the competition to 60+ cities around the world. Prior to founding Seedstars, Alisée worked as product manager for luxury brands at L’Oréal Group and was part of the Italian team at Voyage Privé, a leading European startup. She graduated from HEC Lausanne and obtained her Masters in International Management from the Bocconi University in Italy with highest honors. She was also a member of the Harvard Model Congress Europe where she won the Award of Excellence. Alisée is a board member of the School of Management in Fribourg, Switzerland. She was nominated top 30 under 30 Social Entrepreneur by Forbes Magazine and an Innovation Fellow by Wired UK.

Memorable Quotes

“I think that in the near future diplomas are gonna become obsolete.”

“Corporate experiences give you discipline. Sometimes, pure entrepreneurs have a lot of ego.”

“My corporate experience was great for understanding what I don’t want.”

“Switzerland is just a bit too comfortable. It’s the golden cage. That’s probably why we don’t have that many entrepreneurs.”

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