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Nicolas Egger, co-founder Aepsy, Swisspreneur Podcast

EP #375 - Nicolas Egger: Fixing the Mental Health Care Industry

Nicolas Egger

February 8, 2024

2:02 - From footballer to banker to student 

10:35 - The emotional toll of a volatile startup journey

20:42 - Sorting out shares before you leave

41:00 - Getting good psychologists on Aepsy

54:00 - Going B2C first, then B2B

About Nicolas Egger:

⁠Nicolas Egger⁠ is the co-founder of ⁠Poinz⁠, a B2B2C platform for SMEs, and of ⁠Aepsy⁠, a mental health platform for online or in-person sessions with psychologists. He holds a BASc in General Management from ZHAW. Prior to university, Nicolas played football and worked at Credit Suisse and PAN Asset Management AG.

During his undergraduate studies, Nicolas joined the startup jayboo as a late co-founder and stayed there for 2 years before starting his next venture, Poinz. At Poinz, Nicolas experienced all the ups and downs of entrepreneurship: he bootstrapped the company for 1.5 years, almost saw the company go bankrupt, lost an exit opportunity at the last minute, got funded by the Deindeal mafia founders, scaled his company up, and ended up meeting his future wife there.

After 6.5 years at Poinz, Nicolas felt that he and his co-founder were not sufficiently in agreement regarding the future of the company, and he also had the urge to start a project in the mental health industry, so he left Poinz in 2019 to start Aepsy a year later. His desire to delve deeper into the mental health industry came when a friend of his went through a mental health crisis, and he found that searching online for a psychologist was a nightmare. He knew his friend wasn’t an isolated case: statistics estimate that ⅓ of Swiss people suffer from mental health issues, and that out of those people, ⅔ do not reach out for help. So he created a platform where people can answer a few questions about their needs and be presented with a suitable selection of therapists, with whom they can do intro calls to assess the fit. Aepsy works with certified Swiss psychotherapists with years of practical experience and has a 95% client satisfaction rate.  

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