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Andrea Belliger, Director of Institut für Kommunikation und Führung, Swisspreneur Podcast

EP #316 - Andrea Belliger: Die Vielseitige Karriere

Andrea Belliger

April 17, 2023

01:35 - Change as a career navigator

06:46 - Being open to failure

14:12 - The role of foundations in the Swiss ecosystem

28:06 - Why and how to question yourself

33:21 - The pressure for change in Switzerland is too small

About Andrea Belliger: 

Andrea Belliger is the director of the Institut für Kommunikation und Führung, Switzerland's leading educational research and consulting institution. She studied at the University of Lucerne, majoring in theology, philosophy, and history. She also completed two post-doctorates, one at the University of Zurich in Classical Studies and Law, and the other at the University of Athens, focusing on ancient church history. She joined IKF in 2005, and is involved with many of the courses' conceptual structures. Her other job titles include professor, scientist, author, speaker, and board member.

A significant focus of  IKF is teaching communication, management, and personal leadership skills, and helping to encourage. You can find your career path by embracing change and taking inspiration from your American counterparts: it is important to be bold and not shy away from failure! Foundations play an important role in Switzerland's entrepreneurial make-up and help to bring into existence projects which may not otherwise have had  the necessary financial means. To provide this support is one of the main focuses of IKF,  and to do so in a variety of industries, including e-learning, e-health, and e-government. 

Andrea also gives some tips on working more thoughtfully by focusing on your strengths and improving your work culture. She recommends questioning yourself to ensure you're on the right path and in the right seat, because you sometimes need to come to terms with the fact that you may not be satisfied in your career. Lastly, we talk about how wealth in Switzerland doesn't always help society make the changes it needs, and point to the importance of shifting mindsets and having ideas worth the funding available. 

Memorable quotes:

"Wir sind veränderungsresistent, weil es uns sehr gut geht."

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