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Stefany Barker, tech lead Palantir, Swisspreneur Podcast

EP #297 - Stefany Barker: Diversifying the Tech Space

Stefany Barker

February 9, 2023

6:38 - GirlsinTech Venture

20:55 - Being a woman in tech

25:19 - The journey from an operational to an advisory role

29:32 - Starting WaaS Websites

44:10 - The future of tech

About Stefany Barker:

In addition to being a tech lead at Palantir, one of the world's leading data science companies, Stefany Barker is also an entrepreneur and investor. She pursued an MSc in management, information systems and innovation at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).

Stefany grew up in Switzerland, lived in different countries, and studied abroad to learn about other cultures, businesses and entrepreneurial mindsets, specifically about the different attitudes towards entrepreneurship. For example, Stefany learnt that Americans accept entrepreneurial failure more readily than their continental European counterparts.

When Stefany returned to Switzerland in 2015, she became aware of the talent and gender gap in the Swiss tech sector. She was inspired to launch GirlsinTechSwitzerland in 2016 to establish an inclusive atmosphere for young women to learn and succeed in the Swiss tech industry. Stefany then founded TechFace in 2018 with the primary objective of changing the employment practices in the Swiss tech industry from transactional to relationship-based. This approach ensured that a candidate's team-fit potential was not only based on their CV.

While being diverse and discussing diversity are important, they should not be the only subjects of conversation. The skills that an individual brings to the table are also essential. Stefany believes that if we continue in this direction, everyone's prospects in the tech space will improve. Furthermore, the out-of-date nature of CVs and the current job search process that sometimes asks you to include your marital status, personal photo, or address can unintentionally harm a candidate’s job search, divert focus from a candidate's real skills, and decrease equity in the hiring process. With the organizations she is involved with, she intends to implement better principles so that her ventures can continue to inspire and be pioneers in the tech space.

In this episode you can find out more about Stefany's other businesses at WaaS Websites and her angel investing endeavors at Moonshot Network.

Memorable Quotes:

"I think it is important to speak about diversity but I also enjoy speaking about my primary area of expertise in data and software that I bring to the table.”

“I personally choose to work with organizations that walk the talk when it comes to their values.”

Resources Mentioned:

Moonshot Ventures

Pivot, a tech podcast


The Ministry of the Future, by Kim Stanley Robinson

Brave New World, by Aldous Huxley

Utopia, by Thomas Moore  

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