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Ben James, founder TP24, Swisspreneur Podcast

EP #280 - Ben James: The End Of The Jack Welch Era And The Start Of TP24

Ben James

December 5, 2022

00:07 - The Impact of GE on Ben James' Early Life

09:50 - The Start of TP24

21:45 - The Business Model: Secret Black Box

33:35 - Managing Mental Health: The Pressure of Being a Founder

48:38 - Six Sparks IPO Program

About Ben James:

Ben James, CEO of TP24, is an engineer at heart. After completing an engineering degree at Leeds University and working in the sales and operations department there, he started working at GE Capital full-time in sales and operations. During his studies, he worked in the insurance and (profit and loss) P&L team for GE. Then, after moving to Switzerland, he became responsible for credit-based insurance and started managing all GE businesses in the Swiss market. He later worked in the IPO team for GE Capital and Money Bank, which led to the establishment of Cembra Money Bank, a leading consumer lender in Switzerland. During his career, he recognised a gap in the lending solution market and saw the opportunity to create TP24, a flexible funding opportunity for growth.

In this episode, Ben speaks a bit more about his life before TP24 and gives insight into its early stages. , as well as how its business model differs from other lending solutions worldwide. He also examines several risks business owners go through for pricing segments for loan solutions and funding sources for their businesses and how TP24 provides a better model for the front end of their customers compared to their competition.

Ben goes on to speak on the negative implications of running a business on one’s mental health. He talks about his own founder experience and the impact it has had on his personal and family life, and how he struck a balance between being a business owner, a father and a husband. He provides tips for other entrepreneurs on how to ensure that their company's success does not come at the expense of their mental health or life at home.

Memorable Quotes:

"Finance products hold great businesses back."

"If we learnt anything from businesses around the world, it was to look after your customers. If you don’t other businesses will, and you’ll lose them."

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