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Alexander Schueller & Tobias Reichmuth, founder cellvie & founding partner maximon, Swisspreneur Podcast

EP #253 - Alexander Schueller & Tobias Reichmuth: The Future Of Human Aging

Alexander Schueller & Tobias Reichmuth

July 14, 2022

5:00 - The ideal human future

7:27 - Reversing aging vs curing common diseases

10:22 - Longevity tips

13:11 - Societal costs to longevity

20:22 - Recs for 20 year olds

About Alexander Schueller & Tobias Reichmuth:

Alexander Schueller is the founder and CEO at cellvie, a seed-stage venture developing mitochondria-based therapies. Tobias Reichmuth is a founding partner at maximoon, a venture studio company builder which has already built 2 longevity startups, with 3 more to follow this year.

Nowadays we know that there are 9 reasons for human aging, all cell-based:

- Genomic instability;

- Telomere attrition;

- Epigenetic alterations;

- Loss of proteostasis;

- Deregulated nutrient sensing;

- Mitochondrial dysfunction;

- Cellular senescence;

- Stem cell exhaustion;

- Altered inter-cellular comms.

Nowadays average life expectancy is at 83. Alexander’s and Tobias’ companies aim not to extend life indefinitely, but significantly, and insure quality of life right up until the very end. Longevity companies typically have a hard time raising money because their research results require several decades; funds looking to focus on health topics usually go for companies whose products treat diseases, and which can therefore return the investment max. 14 years after it was made. However nowadays the World Health Organization already recognizes aging as a sickness – it’s therefore time for venture funds, research granters and healthcare insurers to start doing so as well.

Alexander’s & Tobias’ general tips to improve longevity:

- Eat less and do intermittent fasting;

- Do HIIT training or some other form of exercise;

- Quit bad habits like smoking or drinking;

- Cultivate a good social life;

- Take both hot and cold showers;

- Take certain supplements (this will depend on each individual’s case).

Greater longevity will naturally result in societal changes such as:

- People putting up with poor labor conditions for much shorter, since their working life will be longer;

- Co-living solutions for active seniors;

- Changes to the pension system: if labor conditions are good, people will not want to retire so early, even if they no longer continue to work 100%. A good life requires purpose, and a good job can serve as that;

- Employers may begin to offer benefits such as a sabbatical semester every 10 years, plus an educational stipend, so that every 10 years you may reinvent your career if you so choose.

Memorable quotes:

"The ideal human future is one in which you are free from disease and have a strong purpose up until the very end of your life."

"Our goal is for people to die as late as possible, with a body as young as possible."

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