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Christian Fischer, co-founder Bcomp, Swisspreneur Podcast

EP #362 - Christian Fischer: From Building Skis to Building a Company

Christian Fischer

December 11, 2023

8:37 - From building skis to building a company

14:55 - Losing half your co-founders

28:42 - Pricing materials

39:44 - Handling sales after the CCO leaves

45:56 - Doing an IPO on the SIX Swiss Exchange

About Christian Fischer:

⁠Christian Fischer⁠ is the co-founder and CEO at ⁠Bcomp⁠, a global leader in advanced renewable material solutions. He holds a PhD in Materials Science from EPFL and previously worked at the aluminum products manufacturer Constellium before founding Bcomp in 2011.

The company started as a garage project to create lightweight, high performance skis. The result was bCores™, which were launched and successfully adopted by some of the biggest names in freeride skiing. The founders, material science PhDs from EPFL, used flax fibers to reinforce the balsa cores and improve shear stiffness. Impressed by the excellent mechanical properties of flax fibers, they began thinking of other applications and a potential business case.

Nowadays they additionally produce ampliTex™ and power-Ribs™, whose proprietary natural fiber-based reinforcement technologies reduce environmental impact in a wide range of high-performance applications, from automotive interiors to the highest levels of motorsports, from luxury yachting to sports, infrastructure, aerospace and even space.

Bcomp recently participated in the Sparks IPO Academy.

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