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Christof Tremp, co-founder Rebels 0.0%, Swisspreneur Podcast

EP #255 - Christof Tremp: Rebellious Spirits

Christof Tremp

July 28, 2022

12:50 - Alcohol-free drinks for the new decade

18:17 - Choosing Switzerland as a production site

21:40 - Who’s buying alcohol-free drinks?

22:53 - Reaching a crowdfunding goal in 11 hours

28:37 - Selling B2C and B2B

About Christof Tremp:

Christof Tremp is the co-founder and CEO at Rebels 0.0%, a startup producing alcohol-free spirits. He holds an MA in Business Administration from HSG and has previously worked at Kraft Foods Group, Procter & Gamble, Unilever and Lindt & Sprüngli.

Rebels 0.0% currently produces alternatives to gin, rum and aperitif, aiming to capitalize on the current trend of declining alcohol consumption, especially prevalent among younger generations. However, they take good care not to position themselves as anti-alcohol: they are merely providing an alternative.

These concoctions, which taste incredibly like the real thing, are the result of double distillation using organic botanicals. Their production site is Switzerland, since the company cares deeply about sustainability. Since their production process is more complicated than regular alcohol and obeys a series of ethical standards, the finished product is not cheaper than its alcoholic counterpart.

Rebels 0.0% recently met a crowdfunding goal in just 11h, which gave them an extraordinary proof of concept. Despite having gone the bootstrapped way early on, they have now also begun to raise funds in equity rounds (recently 1M ) in order to really accelerate their marketing.

Memorable Quotes:

"I never really looked at entrepreneurship as a risk. If I failed, I could just go back to my old life."

"Switzerland will always be our home, but it’s too small a market."

Resources mentioned:



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