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David Christen, co-founder quitt, Swisspreneur Podcast

EP #383 - David Christen: How to Eradicate Illegal Work in Switzerland

David Christen

March 14, 2024

6:06 - Getting the funds to start your venture

11:09 - Illegal work in Switzerland

27:55 - Deeptech Switzerland

40:03 - Raising funds in 2012

42:38 - The downsides of VC money 

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About David Christen:

⁠David Christen⁠ is the co-founder and CMO at ⁠quitt⁠, a company that takes the effort, paperwork and stress out of employing domestic helpers for private households, and, a platform for the registering and billing of startup employees. He studied Physics and Law at UZH but eventually quit to start his entrepreneurial venture in 2010, against the wishes of his parents.

quitt tackles a very pertinent issue: illegal work in Switzerland. It is estimated that 75M people worldwide work as domestic helpers, 80% of which are undeclared. In Switzerland, the numbers don’t look much better: 30-60% of employers don’t register their domestic helper. These workers are paid in cash, receive no insurance, and are not allowed to tell anyone about the work that they do. Cleaning companies then take a cut of 25-35%, whereas quitt charges only 5-8%. As a result, cleaners earn on average a 50% higher salary by working with quitt.

To date, quitt has over 20,000 customers, with around 40,000 employment contracts and a settled payroll of almost CHF 300 million in Switzerland. Starting in 2023, quitt will also offer its services in Germany. 

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