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8:02 – Should military service be mandatory for women?
12:19 – Growing up with 3 sisters and an entrepreneurial mom
18:35 – The women quota
20:58 – How can men support women?
27:18 – How do we get more women in leadership positions?

The Episode in 60 Seconds

What drives inequality in Switzerland?

  • Historical factors such as the absence of a total war which shook up societal structures in other European countries.
  • Expensive childcare and unequal career development paths
  • Venture capital dominated by men

How can we tackle inequality?

  • Subsidized child care would be desirable, but is in the end a tax payer decision.
  • Extended parental leave for both parents
  • Education
  • Role models and communities

Quotas: yay or nay?

  • Quotas can be a powerful instrument if used wisely.
  • Quotas alone aren’t enough. Coaching and mentoring is required for those who are supposed to fill them.

Diversity matters.

  • A team which resembles the customer base which it builds products for will build better products.
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