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Dominik Megert, offerz founder and CEO, Swisspreneur Podcast

EP #318 - Dominik Megert: Selling Gift Cards In Switzerland

Dominik Megert

April 27, 2023

8:27 - How to know if you can work well with someone

14:28 - Gift cards in Switzerland

18:55 - Building trust in e-commerce

25:18 - Credit card fraud and liability

28:55 - Getting big brands on board

About Dominik Megert:

Dominik Megert is the founder and CEO at offerz, a company which provides the largest assortment of digital vouchers and gift cards in Switzerland. He studied Retail Trade at the Business School Thun and started offerz when he finished his studies, in 2015. 

Whether it’s credit for gaming services (PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, Blizzard, Steam), vouchers for entertainment ( Spotify, deezer, Google Play), gift cards for everyday needs (Coop, Manor, Lidl, MediaMarkt, Zalando, Just Eat) or prepaid mobile top-ups, offerz has it available at any time and printable as PDF. They also allow you to personalize your gift card with text, image or video. In return for promoting the gift card issuing companies, offerz receives a commission between 2% and 20%, depending on how well the card typically sells. 

Though the average gift card sale in Switzerland is twice as high as in other European countries (due to the higher purchasing power and stronger currency), gift card issuing companies don’t usually go for Switzerland, because of its small size and multilingualism. 

However, offerz’ innovative solution seems to have convinced a number of them, and they feature offerz’ logo on their online shops. This helped offerz build up trust with potential customers, and for that same purpose they also upgraded the look of their own website and logo and invested in building a strong customer support team. 

Memorable quote:

"If your online shop looks ugly, that certainly won’t help build trust with customers."

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