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Edouard Treccani, head of partnerships Wingman Ventures, Swisspreneur Podcast

EP #148 - Edouard Treccani: Switzerland's First Dorm Room Fund

Edouard Treccani (Wingman Ventures)

April 12, 2021

9:21 – Putting an end to your startup
11:12 – How does a 0 equity accelerator make money?
15:24 – Wingman Ventures’ investment focus
24:14 – Launching the Wingman Campus Fund
34:45 – Dealing with an ever-changing group of students

About Edouard Treccani

Edouard Treccani is Head of Partnerships at Wingman Ventures, Switzerland’s leading fund for tech projects in pre-seed and seed stages. From 2012 to 2014, he worked as an intern for Crédit Agricole Suisse and BCV while balancing a smashing GPA in Quantitative Economics and Finance. However, he realised deep down he craved a creative spark that the banking game couldn’t give him. In 2015, he founded Incidee and built a valuable media product: his journey took off! Edouard is passionate about helping young founders build something outstanding from the get-go, and this motivation for supporting bold innovation led him to create the Wingman Campus Fund, a small-scale VC fund boosting the entrepreneurial dreams of many university students. Edouard says “the Swiss startup ecosystem is just starting to write its best success stories”, and we couldn’t agree more!


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Memorable Quotes

“After my first two internships in banking, I knew I’d never enjoy my work. Sure, I could do it by default, get a decent wage and get by month after month. But I would certainly not have been happy.”

“You should constantly think about how to build your network, how to make it more meaningful and resilient.”

“In an ecosystem like Switzerland, which is maturing more and more, it’s important to get to know founders early — it’s never a given that you’ll be able to invest in the startups you prefer.”

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