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Michele Bomio, serial entrepreneur, Swisspreneur Podcast

EP #266 - Michele Bomio: An Entrepreneur From Ticino

Michele Bomio

October 10, 2022

3:04 - Building a startup in 1990

13:01 - Joining Securecell

22:38 - The SPARKS Academy

30:09 - Clinical trials

31:16 - Medtech market trends

About Michele Bomio:

Michele Bomio is a serial entrepreneur and active at Securecell, a high tech life sciences company focusing on biotech & medtech. After having built his first venture, SAM, in the 90s (an ETH spin-off delivering predictive modeling to the food industry), Michele was an external CEO at companies like Navyboot and Orell Füssli Thalia. He holds a degree in Food Science and Biotechnology from ETH Zurich.

At Securecell, he helps the team in their mission of developing innovative solutions in bioprocess technology for Biotech and BioPharma development digitalization and automation. Securecell is developing Seraccess, an innovative technology for the fully automated, high-frequency automatic on-line collection, processing, and analysis of minute quantities of blood for the monitoring and control of critical blood parameters. This is aimed at diabetes type 1 and 2 patients. They are close to having their first interactions with the FDA and beginning clinical trials.

Securecell recently participated in the SIX IPO Academy, aimed at preparing high-potential scale-ups for going public. Michele says going public has the advantage of forcing you to be disciplined and think about your organizational structure at every level, though it also has the downside that every risk taken must be accounted for, since everyone will have an opinion on the direction your company is taking.

Memorable Quotes:

"If you want to be an entrepreneur, you have to be a salesperson first."

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