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Michael Born, co-founder PXL Vision, Swisspreneur Podcast

EP #37 - Michael Born: Q&A On Co-Founders

Michael Born

September 19, 2019

1:49 – Do I need a co-founder at all?
2:57 – At what stage should you look for co-founders?
3:48 – Is there an ideal number of co-founders?
5:25 – Where do I find my co-founders?
6:52 – Friends/family as co-founders: yay or nay?
8:06 – Is it necessary to have previously known your co-founder?
10:45 – Does my co-founder need to be geographically close?
11:49 – What is a good test to figure out if a team works well?
14:32 – Should my co-founder be similar to me or completely different?
18:46 – How long should a co-founder take to decide jumping on board? Can they have a side job?
23:48 – What contracts/terms do you need to outline to manage the legal relationship with your partner?
26:11 – How do you split responsibilities with your co-founder? How does this evolve over time?
28:48 – Are there any KPIs you should watch for to achieve a good relationship with your co-founder(s)?
30:40 – On what aspects can you and your co-founder(s) disagree?

About Michael Born and PXL Vision

Michael Born is co-founder and CEO at the ETH spin-off PXL Vision, a tech startup which uses computer vision for secure identity verification. He started PXL Vision together with key employees from his previous company, Dacuda, which specializes in software 3D camera technology and was acquired by Magic Leap in 2017. Before starting his entrepreneurial career, Michael was a consultant at Capgemini, specializing in technology consulting. He holds a MSc in International Affairs from the University of St. Gallen.

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