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Sophia Borowka, CEO Caressoma, Swisspreneur Podcast
EP #82 - Startup Of The Week: Caressoma

Sophia Borowka (Caressoma)

June 22, 2020
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2:15 – What problem does Caressoma fix?
5:44 – Who uses Caressoma?
8:37 – What milestones has Caressoma recently achieved?

About Sophia and Caressoma

Sophia Borowka is the CEO and co-founder of Caressoma, a startup providing ultrasound diagnostics for monitoring soft tissue injuries. Sophia is a physicist by training and has spent several years as CERN Fellow in Geneva. Together with her two co-founders, Jana Maes, an experienced Osteopathy practitioner and Jinesh Kallunkathariyil, a physicist and R&D expert, they have already raised 270k CHF from investors. Now looking to raise an additional 800k CHF to bring the product to market as a non-medical device for training optimization for athletes.

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