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EP #42 - Andreas Fischler: How To Scale Your Company Culture

Andreas Fischler (Frontify)

October 24, 2019
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1:46 – What mistakes do Swiss startups make repeatedly when it comes to culture?
9:01 – The difficulties of creating a culture
12:58 – Important values
20:00 – Scaling company culture: recruiting & on-boarding
35:40 – Treating people fairly

The Episode in 60 Seconds

It’s never too early

  • Create culture with intention from the very beginning.
  • Start explicitly documenting and “negotiating” your culture as soon as you grow to 10 people or more.

Scaling culture

  • Hiring the right people is the only way to scale culture.
  • Hire for values rather than skills alone.
  • Acknowledge that on-boarding new people requires effort from your existing employees.

The topic of salaries

  • Fairness and transparency are key, but don’t allow salaries to take center stage in everything you do.
  • Base salaries off of what people need to make a living. Allow for different compensation packages based on the risk appetite of different employees.

Letting people go

  • Detect and tackle problems as early as possible.
  • Provide open feedback and a path to improvement.
  • Check-in as often as necessary until the issue is resolved or you let the person go.
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