Carole Ackermann, founder Diamondscull, Swisspreneur Podcast
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2:00 – Why aren’t business angels just called “investors”?
5:17 – What’s the best time to approach a business angel?
13:50 – How to convince a business angel to invest in an early-stage idea
16:36 – The relevance of a team
21:19 – What KPI does Carole use to assess a product’s market?
26:21 – Education or experience?
31:32 – How much of business decisions is gut feeling and how much comes from thorough analysis?
35:59 – How to read a business angel’s intentions
39:07 – How much money do business angels invest?
40:24 – What does the investment process look like?
42:51 – How to split legal costs
48:08 – How an angel evaluates a startup
50:17 – Convertible loans: yay or nay?
55:07 – What separates good from great founders?
56:18 – How does Carole keep herself up to date?

About Carole Ackermann and Business Angels Switzerland

Carole Ackermann was the president of Business Angels Switzerland (BAS) Association from 2010 to 2018. In 2007, she founded Diamondscull AG, an investment and coaching firm based in Switzerland. Through BAS and Diamondscull as well as her mandates on multiple Boards of Directors, she has acted as a startup and executive coach for many years. Carole holds a PhD in Marketing from University of St. Gallen (HSG).

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