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Jutta Jertrum, founder Twistout, Swisspreneur Podcast

EP #56 - Jutta Jertrum: The Eco-Friendly One Woman Show

Jutta Jertrum

January 30, 2020

3:18 – Why did Jutta start her own business?
12:19 – How to choose the right company to work with
20:00 – Taking care of logistics
31:42 – Blacking out on live TV
39:10 – Did Jutta sign the contract with the sharks?

About Jutta Jertrum and Twist Out

Jutta Jertum is the inventor and owner of Twist Out, an ecological drain cleaning device. Jutta was the General Manager at the Castle Rapperswil when she discovered that she could clean her clogged drains more ecologically and effectively using a wooden stick of a very specific shape. She then quit her job and patented the invention. In Switzerland, Jutta is best known for her appearance on the TV show “Höhle der Löwen”, where she was offered a deal which she ended up rejecting after the show.

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