Fabrice Aeberhard, co-founder VIU, Swisspreneur Podcast
EP #95 - Fabrice Aeberhard: Building Brands That Last

Fabrice Aeberhard (VIU)

August 20, 2020
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0:55 – Branding mistakes Swiss startups make repeatedly
5:56 – Building a brand as a group
10:02 – Steps to creating a strong brand
15:03 – Target client vs your personal startup story
20:14 – Rapid fire questions

The Episode in 60 Seconds

Getting inspired for your brand

  • Building a recognizable brand is like building a character – it can come with its own edges and quirks.
  • Your brand is probably not the first thing you need to worry about but if you move beyond the proof of concept phase, you should invest some time into it.
  • Get your inspiration from the how, what and why of your company.
  • Looking around for inspiration is good but your brand needs to be unique and recognizable, so don’t just copy paste from someone else

Getting real with your brand

  • Getting the branding right is important – and hard. If you can, work with specialists in your surroundings – friends, board members, investors…
  • Your brand follows your purpose and mission, so make sure to have that defined first.
  • Your brand is not just your logo and color palette. Take a holistic approach and include everything from the language you use to how you present yourself in pictures (and of course make sure those pictures are high quality).

5 steps to your first brand set up

  • Choose a short, simple name.
  • Add some simple and concise messaging (a claim).
  • Define your core audience and how you’ll address them with visual, spoken and written language.
  • Connect the dots between the three first steps.
  • If you can, work with a specialist in the field to fine tune your branding work.
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