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Karim Maizar, partner Kellerhals Carrard, Swisspreneur Podcast

EP #132 - Karim Maizar: Swiss Startup Politics

Karim Maizar (Kellerhals Carrard)

February 15, 2021

2:00 – Joining SWESA
4:46 – Political hurdles facing Swiss companies
8:52 – The solutions SWESA proposes
16:04 – Misconceptions regarding Swiss politics
20:17 – Does Switzerland have more money than ideas?

About Karim Maizar and SWESA

Karim Maizar is a partner at Kellerhals Carrard and Board Member of SWESA, the Swiss Entrepreneur and Startup Association. He is the co-founder and head of Kellerhals Carrard’s startup desk and in this capacity has advised some of Switzerland’s most promising technology and life science startups through all stages of their growth. As a board member of SWESA, Karim is lobbying and working with a group of Swiss national parliamentarians to improve the legal conditions for startups and innovative SMEs in Switzerland. Currently, the association’s top agenda item is easier access to foreign talent for companies in Switzerland. While Switzerland’s technical universities ensure a steady supply of top talents, it’s often not enough to meet the needs of fast growing startups. This is why Karim and SWESA propose to introduce special immigration rules for highly skilled workers and founders from countries outside the European Schengen Area. Karim was recognized for his work by Bilanz/Handelszeitung/Le Temps as one of the “Top 100 Digital Shapers” of Switzerland in 2019.

Memorable Quotes

“I’m totally convinced that a political lobbying organization speaking on behalf of startups and the venture capital ecosystem is required.”

“The digital wave that came with the Covid crisis has mitigated Switzerland’s difficulties with searching for talent.”

“Until now Covid has had a very small impact in the startup and venture capital world.”

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