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Lars Mangelsdorf, co-founder Yokoy, Swisspreneur Podcast

EP #237 - Lars Mangelsdorf: Yokoy’s Climb To Success

Lars Mangelsdorf

May 2, 2022

1:01 - Starting Yokoy

5:08 - Scaling from 40 to 200 employees

12:14 - Monthly company updates

16:42 - Asking for help

19:42 - Making Switzerland more startup

About Lars Mangelsdorf:

Lars Mangelsdorf is co-founder and CCO at Yokoy, the all-in-one spending management solution automating the expenses, invoice & credit card processes of medium and large firms. He previously worked as a Senior Account Executive at Beekeeper.

After successfully raising over $100M in less than a year, Yokoy is now focusing on expanding its team, and has grown from 40 to 200 employees in the past few months. Lars is no longer down in the sales trenches nowadays but more so focusing on Yokoy’s international expansion and scaling up the team.

In order to scale up their team, Yokoy works with both an internal recruiting team and external recruiters (for foreign markets). They’ve also begun having monthly company-wide updates, where things like strategy and funding updates are discussed. A new communication strategy has been put in place to make sure processes go through the right people and not everyone is stuck in meetings all day long.

Memorable Quotes:

"Sometimes when a company grows very fast, you try to include everyone in every meeting, and end up with your whole team in meetings all day long. That’s not good."

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